New things happening at Panacea!

Hi Everyone! I know its been a while since our last update, because we sure have been busy! Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, we have upgraded to forming committees for our organizational needs.

These volunteers are professionals in the community with a widespread knowledge and strong connections that will help us build this amazing organization.

So far we have formed two new committees: Marketing and Development.

Divide and Conquer: Our Marketing Committee will be working on marketing, advertising, and public relations with various community organizations, companies, and individuals to get the word about Panacea and our upcoming programs (Let It Go!).

Within this committee, we hope to send out quarterly newsletters; attend community meetings; connect with local radio, newspapers, and magazines; and keep ourselves linked in to local networking sites.

Our Development Committee will be working on grants and planning upcoming events. We have a few grant opportunities currently being researched to help fund our “Let It Go” Program.

(Our goal is to have this program 100% funded for our participants – a tall order, no doubt!) This committee is also undertaking the huge task of planning fundraising events. We are gearing up for our April 27th event at Mellow Mushroom: a night of music, fellowship, and prizes.

They have done a wonderful job soliciting for marvelous auction prizes as well as collecting some great bands to play at our event. We hope to host a Golf Tournament  in the fall of 2010 also. Keep your ears open for details about that!

If you feel that you have valuable experience that you want to bring to Panacea Adventures, please feel free to contact us – we would love to have your expertise!

A Learning Experience: We have certainly learned that dedicated volunteers and sponsors are hard to find. Panacea was founded in June of 2009 and we are just discovering that things in the non-profit world don’t move as quickly as possible.

It has been such a struggle for us to hang on to great volunteers and get funding for our programs.

We have pushed our “Let It Go” program to launch in the summer of 2011 due to this struggle, but we feel it is in the best interest of the kids! Like we mentioned before, our goal is to have this particular wilderness therapy program 100% funded for our participants…a task that we need a little more time to accomplish.

Fun Stuff: In leiu of post-poning our “Let It Go” program, we will have more time to run some pilot adventure programs this summer!

This will help us to fine-tune our program development in the natural setting and put our plans to work. We hope to launch at least two different 5-7 day long trips; one with rock climbing, resistance band training, and backpacking, and the other with kayaking, surfing, and backpacking.

We are working with a few different organizations who will provide the participants for these trips, but we are definitely taking more ideas.

If you have an idea, or know of an organization that would like to work with Panacea to build interpersonal growth or for teambuilding, etc, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for following us and supporting our cause.

Peacefully yours,

Panacea Adventures Staff

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