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Those in need do not soon forget the benevolence of others, but have then instilled a strong sense of charity and are quick to return the good favor with which they have been presented.” -unknown

Here at Panacea Adventures we strive to make lives better, healthier, and happier through outdoor adventure therapy.

It is no easy task, given the economic status quo, to provide these quality life changing experiences for free of charge. It is only due to people like you, who want to see a difference, that this is possible.

Contributing to our cause enables those who would otherwise have no support to explore themselves and the environment do both; thus your contributions have positive influence on both.

As a small nonprofit organization, we appreciate any and all support from financial contributions to items on our Wish List. To make a financial donation, click the Donate link to the right.

This is the fastest and easiest way to make your tax deductable contribution. If you would prefer mailing a check or money order, make payable to Panacea Adventures and mail to: P.O. Box 15898 Wilmington N.C., 28408.

If you would like to donate one of the items on Wish List, please contact Zac Adair at 910.508.8088 and don’t forget that your donation is tax deductible!

Wish List:


Quick Books for Nonprofits (cost:319.00)

1 Digital Camera and 1 Video Camera

10×10 canopy tent & 6ft. banquet table for events, fundraising and presentations

New Dell Desktop Computer


Land Access: Panacea is looking to develop relationships with private land owners from the mountains to the seas in the South East U.S. for our extended day courses and programs in exchange for completing environmental stewardship projects needed in your area.

Storage Space: Panacea Adventures would like to store gear and equipment at a convenient location in New Hanover Co. N.C. If you are willing to donate a storage unit or provide access to existing storage space, it would be greatly appreciated.

10-12 passenger van

4×8 Storage Trailer (to hold gear and travel for our extended day trips).

10 Internal Frame Backpacks

10 Sleeping Bags

10 Sleeping Pads

2 Shove-its

10 Rain Jackets/Shells

10 Pairs of Hiking Boots

2 Backpacking Stoves and Fuel Bottles

Backpacking Cooking Sets

10 Ground Sheets

4 Tandem Sea-Kayaks

6 Single Person Sea-Kayaks

10 PFD’s (personal flotation device)

6 Double Blade Paddles

4 Single Blade Paddles

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